We build real spaces (that aren't really real)


As with film sets, our team has decades of combined experience building sets for commercial photography.



Temporary lifestyle living space


Our team created tile bathrooms, wallpapered living rooms, concrete counters, and custom floors for this lifestyle home goods shoot.  All spaces in the photos below were built in a photo studio to mirror the look and feel of a classic-modern home.



Imagine Anything


Sometimes the simplest projects are the hardest.  The brief was simple:  create sets and props that a child would make.  We used cardboard boxes, cotton balls, twigs, and paint to recreate the world of disney through a child's eyes.



Custom bathrooms in a photography studio


Our team created in-studio bathrooms, complete with tile walls, marble counters, wood vanities and false windows for this high-end home fixture brand.



Making a mess - on purpose


When nationwide wanted us to build sets for the purpose of being destroyed we were stoked.  We worked with the team to create a space in-studio that could withstand damage for several hours during our shoot.  We built the sets below from the ground up.