Momentary Real World


Building sets for film is what we do best.  With a full-service workshop, we custom build props and fixtures for delivery to your location or on-site at your space.  Our team has thousands of combined hours of on-set art department experience.  We know how to do this:  we will work with you from production approval through to final wrap.  


On Set Art Department for TNT


All props, sets and custom builds for TNT are created in house by our team.  We live on-set during production supervising for continuity, providing scripted props and coming up with supplies on the fly when the game changes.



The WB's Leverage


We build all sets and act as on-set Art Department for the national TV series, Leverage.


Custom Commercial Set Build


We built this workshop space on-set for national tool chain Kobalt Tools.  Our crew was the production's Art Department throughout the shoot.


Changing the Terrain


For A.T.V. brand Can-Am we transformed an empty farmers field into a 1/4 mile dragstrip, a mudbog and a race course full of obstacles to challenge the Vehicles



Gold Rush - The Dirt


Gold Rush is the reality show that follows a team of bearded dudes in the Alaskan outback as they pan for gold.  How do you make that more awesome?  Get them together on tricked out soundstage to share all their juicy gossip and grooming secrets.  Enter DOA.  We built this amped up man-cave for the dude's tell-all on a soundstage complete with moonshine, handmade rustic wood tables and about a million pick axes.